Imperial Line Officers:  Elected

Imperial Golden Rodent - Imperial Golden Rodent - Fred Powers (IG.R)
Imperial Silver Rodent - Eric Jackson (IS.R)
Imperial Blue Rodent – Ron Vogle (IB.R)
Imperial Turquoise Rodent -Charles Pettigrew (IT.R)
Imperial Bubonic Plague - Bob Aherns (IBuP)

Imperial Black Plague – Jeff Carson (IBP.R)

Imperial Iron Claw – Ken Couture (II.C)


Imperial Line Officers:  Appointed

Imperial Red Eyed Gnawer – Al Sorrentino, IR83 (IR.E.G.)
A/IREG - Bernie Walkowiak, IR78

Imperial Bench Rat – Joel C. Devenish, IR82 (IBeR)
A/IBeR - Mike O'Brien, IR91
Imperial Nightingale –Lori Santy (IN.R)  
Imperial Cure Rat -Chris Maddox (IC.R)
Imperial Hole-y Rodent –Thomas Ayala (IHo.R)
Imperial Wharf Rat – (IW.R)
Imperial Rendezvous Rat – Terry Kidd (IR.R)
Imperial Relief Rat – Bill Green (IRel.R)
Imperial Historic Rodent – (IHi.R)
Imperial Keeper of the Cheese- James Walton (IKC)



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